Towards the end of 2016

It is in the third week of December and soon the beginning of 2017 and I'm going to be 20!  WHATTT WHTT WHAHAHTT I can't believe myself that I'm going to be 20 //and still look like a potato xD// Anyways, the last post was in May and here I am, ranting on blog about daily life. There are so many things to say here but unfortunately I don't know where to start. All I can do is summarizing some of the stories as "complicated" , "resolved" , "unimportant" and "blehhh"

Oh, I have just started my new semester and I'm already in semester 4 of my diploma! Oh my god, one of the recent post was about getting into third semester but here I am! In my forth now! My previous semester result came out good //Dean's list again ufufufufu alhamdulillah praised Allah the Almighty //  This semester and my final semester won't be easy because all the credit hours are 3 and 4. So, I have to work even harder than my previous semesters to obtain more.

Since I have started writing, maybe this will be a long post I guess. 9 days ago was the day where Hyemi-chan passed away and it has been 2 years. I nearly forgot the exact date and I feel devastated and disappointed in the same time for not being able to remember the date but I know others might think that I don't care about it. Of course I am it is just that the way I remember her is in the other way. //Well, I would like not to mention what kind of way because better not// It has been 2 years. I can't believe time flies so fast and life is getting busier and harder.

Last week, I met my Database Management lecturer and the way he told his students about the subject suddenly made me scared and I forgot every second that there is nothing to be scared of in this world. I have forgotten that God is always by my side, the last if and only if everyone would betray me. It took me quite some time to chill down and that night, I almost forget about the chills but then one of my housemate mentioned it again and I feel like.. oh my god.

It was a coincidence that night I went online on Twitter and a notification came in. It was from adeul //lolol his name is Yijung. Urm, yeah Yijung. Most of his friends call him Eddie.// I talked to him about my fear about the subject and one thing that he stated made me silent for a while and a pang in the head. He said, "The lecturer is challenging you and one thing.... Studying is beautiful" Something like that I have forgotten what was in the middle. But I remember clearly his message was, study for the sake of knowledge but not for the A's. This! This part was the thing that I have forgotten. I have been studying for the sake of A's sometime and forget what is the purpose of studying and the art of knowledge. Nurin please... Learn to embrace the knowledge not studying then forget it. Then that is useless and wasting of your time, isn't it? You learn then you forget. Might as well, you don't have to study in the first place if you are going to forget it.

Okay, that is all for now. Need to catch some sleep a little bit since today is Friday and no class for the whole day!! Yeyeahhh can have some time for homework, review and drown myself in anime and writing short stories :D Have a nice day!