When I think back how I was in the past and how I am now are totally something that makes me want to know why I turn out to be this way

Back in school days, I know the old me that doesn't really get involve things that doesn't concern me. I don't talk much. I remember those days when I seat in a circle of my schoolmate, I would listen to their stories and I would nod my head or just look at them showing that I'm paying attention. 

"Really? That is really bad"
"He/She shouldn't do that" 
"Yeah, that is why..." 

After I enter university, I changed. I talk more. I don't care how I would look like. I just don't give a damn about what people will say. I sometimes walk to mall with just a pair of slippers, track bottom, long-sleeve shirt and a shawl //the heck xD// Even if they tell their stories, lame jokes or even saying bad things about other people I would just stay quiet, not even a slightly nodding my head or agreeing or giving any response. 

"I see.."
*the heck I would care*

Since then, I less talk nonsense. //I'm glad for that. Thank you so much// That doesn't mean I close my ears and won't listen at all but I decided to be choosing the topics to listen or I say "selective listening" just to filter what is good and bad for me.