about me ~

Full Name: Putri Nurin Afiqah
Common Use Name: Nurin
Nickname: "Quiet Summer"
Country: Malaysia
Birthday: July 18th
Hobby: Writing fanfics, violin, dancing
School: SMK Bukit Rahman Putra
Birthplace: Kuala Lumpur
frase: Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one's courage

Why is my nickname "QUIET SUMMER" ? Because I was born during Summer and I'm very quiet at the first impression
I'm friendly and I don't bite human. Feel free to follow or be my friend because I love it ! Shimin Moment was originally My Heart Is In You. The name Shimin Moment came out as the tittle because this is the place where I express everything in one way. Shimin is originally from a combination of Xi Yang and Sung Min. //Sungmin is my 3rd boyfriend in Super Junior even until now xD// I started to blog in 2011 when SJ-M came to Malaysia for National Youth Day. Because I was so sad that I couldn't go, I expressed my feelings here.

Random Facts

一. I love what I love
二. I sing, dance and type
三. I hate what I hated the most
四. My God is whom I love the most
五. Love my family, friends and all !
六. Violin is my hobby
七. Day-dreaming is my part time job
八. I shoot anonymous
九. I kill copycats
十. Friendly

Wishing for all of These:
一. Fly to London
二. Good results
三. Fly to Japan and South Korea //again xD//
四. Meet Sexy Zone, Hey!Say!JUMP and Super Junior.
五. Awesome friends
Believe. I'm a flower. That blooms in her most pretty ways.

More facts about here, click here ~ kudasai :3